Sebastien Parent Bio – 2022 PROVINCIAL AMBASSADOR

Sebastien is a warm and charismatic 16-year-old who uses his humour and charm to light up the room. He is currently in Grade 11 at Bishop Alexander Carter Catholic Secondary School, where his favourite subject is Information Technology. Sebastien is a hard-working student, voted valedictorian of his grade 8 graduating class. As he plans for his future, Sebastien hopes to go to college and study Public Relations or News Media.

Sebastien resides in Sudbury, where he lives with his parents, older brother Ashton, two dogs named Ellie and Daisy, and two cats named Echo and Jasmine. When he isn’t in school or at his part-time job at Walmart, some of his hobbies include videogames, swimming, tech design and camping with friends and family. As someone with many musical talents, Sebastien plays the trumpet and drums, beatboxes, and knows just about everything there is to know about keyboards. He is also looking forward to attending Easter Seals camp for the first time this year.

Sebastien was born with Cerebral Palsy (CP), a neurological condition that affects muscle spasticity and makes certain motor functions difficult. He says that CP mostly affects his legs, so he uses a walker, wheelchair, and canes to get around. Although he requires assistance with certain tasks such as reaching things in high places and setting up equipment for bathing and showering, Sebastien describes himself as an independent person.

As an Easter Seals Ambassador, Sebastien hopes to be a role model for kids with disabilities across the province and show them that anything is possible. This year, he is looking forward to spreading his message that children and youth with physical disabilities are “just like everyone else and that we deserve kindness and love, along with the fact that we want to be treated the same.” With so many fantastic upcoming opportunities for meeting new people, Sebastien is excited for all the new connections he will form this year. In keeping with his positive outlook and sparkling personality, Sebastian hopes to use his platform to spread joy and love and empower kids across Ontario with physical disabilities to achieve their dreams!